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Munich Oktoberfest 2023
Before your come to Munich there are two kinds of pre-booking you have to do. Before your trip you have to order...
  • First of all you have to look for housing. Because in any way you need a bed for the night. So this must to be your first order in Munich... more...

  • The second order is, that you can try to get a fixed place in one of the beer tents at the Theresienwiese. Get more info about the reservation roules... more...

Here you'll get a calendar with the current dates and locations of the official program. List with with all events...

Information, short news and updates
Dates and terms of the Oktoberfest 2023

Current dates from the 188th Oktoberfest

The Munich Oktoberfest 2023 from
16. September - 03. October 2023
2 weeks full of party and fun! Due to the early start this year the holiday (on October 03) brings two additional days "on top". So the Munich Oktoberfest starts on Saturday, 16. September and ends on Tuesday, 03. October 2023

Calendar of the Oktoberfest 2023
Important dates and terms

Quick overview of important information and dates of the Munich Oktoberfest

  Date Time Program (Event)  
11.00 am Festive entry of the Oktoberfest hosts, the breweries and the showman with decorated carriages on the fairground. Led through the "Münchner Kindl"  
12.00 am Traditional tapping of the first barrel by the Munich mayor. With the exclamation "O'zapft is!" the great Munich beer festival is officially opened
10.00 am Large and traditional costumes and protecting moving across Munich. Around 9000 people in folk costumes make a move ends right on the "Wiesn 2023"
12.00 am The tip for all families. Family day with very cheap prices for parents and children. Come and have a look at it. The small prices makes good mood!  
10.00 am Conveniently, original and traditional is in Munich the "Mittagswiesn". Monday to Friday till 15.00 pm you get great deals. Have a look and joy the sale!
10.00 am Invitation to the great ecumenical memorial service at the Oktoberfest . Everyone who wants to join is invited. Participation is free, no reservation needed.
All day The middle weekend is called the "Italian weekend". Why? Half Italy come across the Alps to celebrate in Munich. Very crowded but also very funny days!  
All day Today is half-time at the Oktoberfest. In Bavaria, the date is calles "Bergfest" (mountain festival). On Monday, the last week of the megaparty starts...
11.00 am Absolutely worth seeing and listening is the big "Standkonzert". A common concert of all chapels. Every year directly on the steps of the "Bavaria".  
12.00 am Today is the second family day. Joy again the discounted prices for families and all visitors. So, pack up your kids and come to celebrate with us.
12.00 am Traditional gun salute on the steps of the "Bavaria" (statue). The mountain riflemen shoot every year a "Big Salut" at the end of the famous beer festival  
in the
Tomorrow is holiday. The Munich youth wants to party. After closing the tents the party goes on at the "After Oktoberfest Parties" in the Munich nighlife
All day Today is holiday! It's "Tag der deutschen Einheit" means "German Unity Day". Therefore, the festival ground will be the whole day really full and crowded  
23.30 pm It's over! Today, some minutes before midnight the largest beer festival in the world ends. Now the long time waiting for the Oktoberfest 2024 starts...

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Changes, errors and mistakes are always reserved.

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Hotel booking and room reservation

Every year you get hundreds of great deals for online booking. So easy can be the hotel search and room reservations in Munich! Do everything at home, stressless and without mailing or calling around in good old Germany. Save the cost and order online! Your privacy and your data are protected. All is totally safe! So, be relaxed and joy the advantages of modern life!

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Reservation in the beer tents

Table and seat reservation requests
In some cases the places in the tents can be requested from the beginning of the year (please follow the relevant instructions on the websites of the tents). Therefore you have to write a mail or a fax to the host of your preferred tent or marquee. Every request must always be in writing. End of may, the different hosts (Wiesnwirte) usually get their mandatory approvals from the organizer. Until then get your first feedback or even confirmation for your order.

Best dates
Please note that there is no way to get a place in the evenings or at the weekends. The tents are fully booked for years. And they have thousands of other interested parties. So there's no realistic chance to get afree offer. So if you have the chance take a place at midday or for lunchtime.

Addresses for booking
The addresses of the hosts you can get from our partner-site for the Munich Oktoberfest 2023. There is a list of all names (hosts and tents) including phone and fax number of the several reservation offices.

Please note
Important for your planning and nice to know...
You do not need a seating or table reservation in any case!! Means, table reservation in the marquees are optional. You even can party and get your beer without a reservation in the beertents. We think, this information will be interesting for most of you...

Some tips and tricks
If the tents are not shot (closed due to overcrowding) you can enter at any time. Another tips is to come early. Because there are allways a few non-reserved places. This every day and in every tent. For example if you come early in the morning you can get hold of a free table. Read more tips on the site

Quick info
The above website is only in german language. So if you have problems with the translation please use the Google translation tool.

First site with "oktoberfestreservation info" (translated in English)...
Another good site - "Munich festival reservation" (translated)...

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